P-cards can 'doctor' your headache payment areas


headache.jpgAfter implementing a P-card programme to replace petty cash, and if the programme is working well, clients often ask: “where do we go from here?”

Anita Carolus, Nedbank Corporate Card National Sales Manager, suggests that clients investigate all their payment processes and expand their P-card programmes into their 'headache' processes or problem areas. This could be anything from a process that has numerous steps to one that has a lengthy turnaround time.

E-tolling: logistics industry needs less emotion, more transformation

CobusRossouw.jpgAlthough e-tolling will affect the logistics industry in a number of ways, the spotlight is almost inevitably on the increased operational costs this will produce.   For logistics companies, however, the reality is that e-tolling could prove beneficial, says Cobus Rossouw, President of SAPICS.

Transport's contribution to logistics costs reaches 9-year high

OilBarrels.jpgThe vulnerability of South Africa’s transport costs to a volatile cost driver - the price of crude oil - and South Africa’s entrenched dependence on road transport does not bode well for the economy, according to the 9th State of Logistics survey for South Africa 2012.


The contribution of transport costs to overall logistics costs in 2012 is pinned at 61%, the highest it has been in the past nine years and far higher than the global average, said Nadia Viljoen, scientific editor of the survey, at the survey launch in June.

Stores Optimisation - Hidden Costs of Holding Spares

InventoryApril2010.jpgAll too often companies have no idea of the value of spares in their stores. This problem lies not only with small businesses; some of the largest companies in South Africa have little idea of the value and content of their stores, as the stores stock has been built up over a number of years. The reality is that the internal customer has a requirement to keep their business running, and tends to concentrate on ensuring business continuity, as opposed to reducing cost of holding spares, Craig Webber of Volition Consulting Services tells SmartProcurement.

Tackling uncontrolled maintenance, repair and operations expenditure

MRO.jpgMaintenance, repair and operations (MRO) expenditure can incorporate a multitude of different commodities, depending on the organisation and industry. Normally such expenditure includes those commodities that are not direct material inputs to actual products, but are rather associated with ‘keeping organisations and machines running’.

Powerful, next generation spend analysis service launched

Magnifying Glass.jpgPurchasing Index (PI) is has announce the launch of a groundbreaking new spend analysis service, Spendtrak™, a next-generation technology that transforms spend analysis from “nice-to-have” to “must-have”. At a fraction of the cost of most older technologies, Spendtrak™ will immediately demonstrate superior value for money” Alan Low, Managing Director of PI, explained to SmartProcurement.


Managed Print Services Provide a Professional Approach to Procuring Output Devices

Copier.jpgThe domain of Output Devices (copiers, faxes, scanners and multi-purpose devices) - usually referred to as ‘office equipment’ - is often an area of much controversy as it is serviced by many different companies with often divergent agendas and sales philosophies.  When examining the advent of Managed Print Services (MPS) in South Africa, one notices that it offers procurement departments and end-users the option of recruiting the expertise and services of specialists who focus on the entire estate of in-house copier and print facilities.

Courier Services Benchmarking Shows Up Rate Discrepancies

Courier Services.gif

"Courier Services is a surprisingly complex spend category to manage as the devil (and delivery of savings!) is in the detail," benchmarker Purchasing Index (PI) MD Alan Low, told SmartProcurement. " We regularly benchmarks domestic courier rates across organisations from a variety of industry sectors...

Outsourcing Management of Print can lead to 30% cost savings

Gary Davies.JPG

"The world-wide trend in commodity spend management is to either appoint speciality managers internally, or to outsource the spend to a credible third party service provider", Gary Davies, Managing Director of Print Outsource International (POINT), told SmartProcurement in a recent interview.  In the industry, this specialist outsourced service is neatly captioned "Print Management".  Furthermore, it is necessary to make the distinction that these services are normally engaged in managing the organisation's 'external' print requirements, i.e. where you send the jobs out and do not process it internally, using your own resources.

New generation E-commerce tools for procuring 'indirect' spend commodities

E-commerce.jpgDirect spend commodities are products that are directly involved in the organisation's core business and is often also referred to as 'productive spend'.  For instance, in a manufacturing organisation, all equipment, materials and packaging will be included into this category.

New Web technology speeds up and simplifies sourcing of MRO requirements


RS Components South Africa, a well-known global distributor of industrial products have successfully undertaken the task of upgrading their e-Procurement website to streamline the sourcing process for more than 300 000 MRO items.  New technological advancements enable users to quickly find the product searched for and take advantage of price competitive product promotions.

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