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Collaboration in Procurement

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  • Collaboration in Procurement

    I am looking for 'one clear definition for Collaboration in Procurement' please.


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    Re: Collaboration in Procurement

    Keep in mind:

    Collaboration is no longer just viewed as a subset of Organisational Behaviour.

    Progressive organisations now pursue Collaboration as a business function (E.g. Anglo American’s “One Anglo” programme). The concept is new and will challenge some more familiar theory and definitions.

    I recently compiled a manual on the fundamentals of collaboration which included a set of definitions. Find two of them below. Do take note that I hold copyright on these so you need written permission from me for further use of anything that appears below. Just ask. (Use private message please)

    “Collaboration is the co-ordinated application of a group’s knowledge to deliver a goal.” © M.J. Goosen 2008

    “Procurement Collaboration is:
    the integrated (Co-ordinated)
    cross functional application of (Group)
    supply chain and business throughput insight to (Knowledge)
    deliver product at the desired time, cost and quality.”(Goal)
    © M.J. Goosen 2008

    Integrated: Seamless and mandated interaction
    Co-ordinated: Under leadership with agreed service levels
    Cross functional: All related business functions holding equal status
    Application: Taken to fruitful action
    Supply Chain: Transformation of commodities from raw material state to disposal stage
    Business Throughput: Your company’s profit making portion of the overall Supply Chain
    © M.J. Goosen 2008


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      Re: Collaboration in Procurement

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        Re: Collaboration in Procurement

        am looking for 'one clear definition for Collaboration in Procurement' please.

        Matome Kgoatla