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P.O. revision or amendment

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  • P.O. revision or amendment

    Can any body tell , when shall I make a revision for the P.O. and when shall I make an amendment

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    Re: P.O. revision or amendment

    Hello Urho,
    I'm not enturely sure what your question is, but to get the discussion going my suggestion is:
    - Ammendments for all changes, no matter how small;
    - Revision for a large scale change that may impact one or more sections.
    I'm sure there may be different views.
    Please share with us a little more information on your question.
    Best regards


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      Re: P.O. revision or amendment

      Thanks alot for your reply ,
      I wanted to say , what kind of changes happned to the P.O. forwhich I shall release an amendment for the P.O.
      and what the others that I shall issue a revision of the P.O.


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        Re: P.O. revision or amendment

        Hello urho,

        As far as I understod your ques., I would say that there are two main factors which and amendment shall take place :
        - quantity changes:
        a) In case of forecast changes after a delayed revision.
        b) In case of new packing uregently provided by your supplier, which urges you to change the quantity to be ordered accordingly.

        - price changes: And this includes increasing (and /or decreasing) the price of certain items due to a price update note from your supplier.

        Other changes may take place such as product description, item code..etc but such changes usually are not a last minute amendment but yet to be considered critical for the supplier to ifentify your need.

        This my own point of view and hope it may help you some how to answer your question.



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          Re: P.O. revision or amendment

          Dear Member,
          Amendment can be done the moment you realise that a Change in price or Quantity is crutial on the LPO and this can be done before the supplier delivers the goods / services or before payment for the goods have been effected