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Procurement Planning in Public Sector

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  • Procurement Planning in Public Sector

    Question from Ester Mwakisu (originally posted under Procurement Job Description):

    "i need a help, i am doing research on procurement planning the topic is an assessment of procurement planning in public sector"

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    Re: Procurement Planning in Public Sector

    Hi Ester,
    There is a lot of procurement planning material around as it is quite a mature discipline in many countries, so it is a little easier to respond if one know what type of research or for what purpose. When researching Procurement Planning in the Public Sector around 2 years ago I found the following countries and sites of some use:Hope this helps as a start. I have copies of many of the public domain documents on Procurement Planning and can send them to you if needed.
    Best regards
    ShaunScott, Joburg