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Purchasing commodities to achieve more than BEE compliance


LindelweKunene.jpgThe BEE Codes have been top of mind since the beginning of 2016, unfortunately it is for the wrong reasons. Recent headline-grabbing stories of unprecedented racial tension have revealed a greater need to intensify efforts to achieve real transformation in South Africa. Despite being seen as a complex technological commodity, the provision of printers and printing technology cannot be overlooked in achieving that transformation.

Traditionally viewed from a cost and total cost of ownership (TCO) perspective, it is essential for procurement to consider factors in addition to the costs of office output devices. Failing to observe the level to which a supplier is engaging in economic transformation, is overlooking the opportunity to move beyond mere BEE compliance and engage in economic transformation, says Lindelwe Kunene, Nashua’s Chief Human Resource Officer in this month’s SmartProcurement.

Do not confuse print management with print brokering

NotPrintBrokering.jpgConsidering that companies allocate an estimated three to five per cent of their total expenditure on printed materials, it is logical that print management solutions are implemented to streamline print procurement. However, there is still some misunderstanding as to what print management is, resulting in many companies not utilising it and hence not benefitting from this valuable procurement service, Christian Bell, head of Sales and Marketing at Point, tells SmartProcurement.

Marketing materials procurement specialist to talk about cost savings next week

ChristianBell_May2013.jpg"All involved in procurement will benefit from meeting with us to talk cost savings, improved print and production quality and better use of resources,” head of sales and marketing at Point, Christian Bell, told SmartProcurement. "Readers should touch base with us at our stand at next week's Smart Procurement World."

Managing print helps you achieve your procurement mandate


ChristianBell.jpgAs a procurement specialist you are expected to find products and services for your business at an acceptable price that meets the business need. However, when it comes to managing the print procurement process it is essential to consider a number of factors in addition to pricing, Christian Bell, Head of Sales and Marketing at Point, tells SmartProcurement.

Procurement: Marketing does not always see you as the 'bad guy'

HeroVillain.jpgProcurement often sits in an uncomfortable space between the marketing department in an organisation and outsourced communication and creative agencies - both of whom who feel procurement doesn't ‘get them’ or their work.   However, this seems to be changing in a move towards a more collaborative approach that is often highly beneficial not only to the organisation, but to agencies as well, Christian Bell, Head of Sales and Marketing at Point, tells SmartProcurement.

Why a central print repository is your organisation's friend


ChristianBell_May2013.jpgThe complexity of the design, print, storage and distribution of creative material is an area of particular concern for any business continually evolving its efficiency.

An effective solution is to utilise a systematic central repository for brand, design and print data - a digital facility that ensures quality and brand integrity throughout all printed material; access to the latest, approved material; and cost efficiency, Christian Bell, Head of Sales and Marketing at Point, tells SmartProcurement.

Greater value lies in procured print-manage services

ChristianBell.jpgThe true value of print expenditure is becoming increasingly evident with the evolution of more sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) accounting systems, which is increasing the focus on the print commodity and highlighting the need for companies to gain greater insight into and control of this product, Christian Bell, Head of Sales and Marketing at print management consultancy Point says in this month’s SmartProcurement.

New MPS trend allows procurement to bank up to 40%

Billy Bell.jpgMany companies have achieved savings of 20% - 40% through implementing a managed print service (MPS). Consequently, the concept is growing in popularity on a global scale and locally in many procurement departments.

Billy Bell, of Managed Print Services at DataCentrix, defines the relationship at a high level and some of the aspects that need to be considered, in this month’s SmartProcurement.

Print management - a deceptively large expenditure

print costs.jpgA provincial government finance department spent R500-million on its ‘copier project’ in 2010, its deputy director said at a recent conference hosted by the Logistics Graduates of South Africa.

Such a level of expenditure ranked this commodity in the department’s top 10 expenditure groups, along with general goods and services at R11-billion, consultants at R867-million and staff development at R283-million.

Do managed print services (MPS) really add value?

Cost of print.jpgManaged print service (MPS) is the new buzz phrase in the print, copy, fax and scan (collectively referred to as output) industry, and many organisations in South Africa have adopted these new outsourced business relationships.

However, Billy Bell of WD Bell Consulting, a veteran of over 20 years in the desktop and office print environment, tells SmartProcurement that there are certain conditions which are essential and must be in place, for all the available efficiencies (and cost saving benefits) to be realised. Many factors must be carefully considered when determining if an MPS is the right option for your organisation.

20 to 35% savings lost due to poor output devices strategies

Office Printing.jpgThe expenditure associated with document output devices is usually hidden and the dispersed nature of the various responsibilities and their expense allocations makes it difficult to calculate overall costs.

“However, once the costs are determined the commodity certainly sits above the radar,” Billy Bell of WD Bell Consulting tells SmartProcurement.

Print procurement - Centralising a decentralised function

centralising print.gifIdeas abound about the benefits of centralised procurement. So why do so many corporates struggle to achieve these benefits in the tough environment that has prevailed since 2008? Christian Bell of POINT SA, exhibiting at SmartProcurement World 2010, says that centralising a print procurement function is a good plan, not a day dream, in this month’s SmartProcurement.

Print management at Absa: a financial services case study

Absa CaseStudy.jpgChristian Bell of POINT South Africa tells SmartProcurement about the company’s ongoing print management at Absa, a leading financial services provider and a member of the Barclays Group, and how audited savings of 34% were achieved.

Selecting a Single Managed Print Service partner

Trevor Bennett Ince.jpgPrint is a cost that crosses a myriad of disciplines in any organisation. From the business cards and brochures that your sales force uses when calling on customers, and the induction booklets provided to new employees, to the invoices produced monthly during billing and the numerous reports prepared for meetings, printing costs are often not represented by a single line in the business, making if difficult – if not impossible – for companies to track or quantify their expenditure, Trevor Bennett, a Divisional MD of Ince, an integrated communications organisation, tells SmartProcurement.

Hollard appoints INCE as SMS provider for Print Services

INCE 2.jpgHollard has appointed INCE Outsourced Communications as their single managed service (SMS) provider for Print Management Services, Trevor Bennett, Divisional MD of INCE Outsourced Communications, told SmartProcurement.


Rethink your paper usage - SA company projects savings of 40%

Rethink 1.jpgAfter seven months of proven savings, a South African Financial Services (FS) company of more than 3 000 employees has projected annual savings in excess of 40% in paper and associated printing and faxing costs, Rethink Consulting’s Francois Bedeker, tells SmartProcurement.


Who should own procurement of the print commodity?

Point head May.jpgIs there value in Print Management Centres?

Corporations expend considerable time and effort managing and maximising investment in areas such as Information Technology, Human Resources (HR), Facilities and other direct expenditure areas. However, they typically overlook a huge but hidden commodity – Print, Christian Bell, Sales and Marketing Manager at local Print Management company POINT, tells SmartProcurement.

Print management: managed delivery just as important

Trevor Bennett Ince.jpgWhen considering print management as a solution, organisations tend to focus on the Procurement aspect of the solution: the system itself and the savings it can bring. Consequently, a Print Management supplier is often assessed on the quality, functionality, user-interface and reporting capability of the system that it is using.

However, while Procurement is an important aspect, another leg on which a great Print Management service stands is ‘managed delivery’, Trevor Bennett, Divisional Managing Director of Outsourced Communications for Integrated Communications Agency, Ince tells SmartProcurement.



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