Procurement Organisations can now turn headcount on and off

Management.jpgHot on the heels of last months article concerning Interim Contracts, Purchasing SA (PSA), a specialised Purchasing Consultancy based in Kwa-Zulu Natal, announced that it is launching a new Interim Management Service. This service will provide highly-skilled purchasing executives for hands-on assignments over a wide range of industries across South Africa.


Hanck van Laar.jpgAs reported previously, Interim Management is a rapidly growing concept in the UK and America, and similar growth is thus expected in South Africa. In light of this, PSA has launched their Interim Management Division to meet the growing demand for short-term Procurement Executives in a variety of portfolios. “Although interim financial officers have been available for years, our focus is on key Purchasing/Procurement Executives that are skilled in top management, strategy, operations and performance improvement for turnarounds, key executive absence, and other critical situations where fast, skilled assistance is needed,” Hanck van Laar, Director of PSA, told SmartProcurement.


“Interim Management provides hands-on execution of business strategy and initiatives with full accountability for measurable results. This is in contrast to growing dissatisfaction with expensive consulting solutions that often go unimplemented. Interim management provides skilled expertise with no permanent increase in cost or headcount,” Van Laar continued.


Organisations will consequently be forced to scrutinise staffing levels and one option will be to look at ways to switch headcounts ‘on and off’. PSA Interim is able to provide short-term leaders in areas such as Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), purchasing directors, technical specialists, category managers, and contracts managers, to name but a few.


The decision to launch PSA Interim was based on in-depth research and planning regarding both the client and the agency’s side of the equation: “We have surveyed top executives from leading manufacturing and services organisations and they find this concept very appealing. Our interim managers are senior executives that are able to focus on guiding an organisation through change, making tough decisions, realigning the focus of the team and installing a system for high performance that is capable of continuously improving results even after they leave. Interim Management is also a well established executive staffing solution in America and Europe, and therefore we expect to see this field of Human Resources Management to grow rapidly in South Africa over the next few years as organisations come to realise that it is a more cost- and time-effective solution to their needs. Lastly, Interim Management is as much a solution for all tiers of government, parastatals and State-Owned Enterprises, as it is for private and listed organisations,” Van Laar concluded.


For more information, whether you are looking to become an Interim Manager or are looking to make use of these services, please contact:
Hanck van Laar
Cell: +27 72 897 4760

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