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Our readers generally make or influence the Procurement and Purchasing decisions within their organisations.

We cater to an audience of procurement practitioners with designations such as BEE Supplier Officers, Commodity and Contract Managers, Purchasing and Procurement Managers, P&SM Strategists and Sourcing Analysts and Specialists, active in all sectors of commerce and industry in all tiers of government, including parastatals and State owned-enterprises.

On the first Wednesday of the month our Publishing Editor, Bernie van Niekerk (B.Eng), oversees the content of relevant articles of interest to this audience which is published in the monthly SmartNewsletter to 19 000 plus voluntary subscribers. Our readership is updated on the latest developments and trends affecting Procurement processes, skill-sets, strategies, solutions, techniques, technologies, tools as well as the jobs and careers available, to improve the efficiencies of South Africa's national supply chains.

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Editor's Note

Bernie_Van_Niekerk.jpgWhen SmartProcurement was first published almost a decade ago, I asked our readers "Is profit made when you buy or when you sell?"

This question usually caused some debate, because Procurement Functions of the time were predominantly tasked with the administration of purchasing, rather than strategic Procurement.

Almost ten years on a great many organisations have taken the leap to reposition where Procurement is headed.

We are in a time of financial uncertainty. But while turnover may have declined, overheads and expenses have not. It is in times of a poor harvest that Procurement must tighten an organisation's belt. Never before has the responsibility of Procurement leaders been higher, and the opportunities more prevalent to escalate Procurement to main board level, to receive recognition.

However, just as the battle to win strategic recognition from organisations is being won, a lack of available and talented leaders is cited as a major reason for Procurement and Supply Managers not reporting directly to EXCO level.

There are gaps in the skill sets of some organisations as the expertise is simply just not available.

The fundamental premise is no longer, "should the Procurement function play a strategic role?" But rather, "are the senior individuals up to the task?" And this is an area that can be corrected through a formal talent management and training programme.
It is an exciting time in Procurement and Supply Chain Management. The discipline is catching-up for all the time it spent in the in the background. This development is dynamic and SmartProcurement will continue to bring you the latest news and trends empowering Procurement professionals.

To your success!

Bernie van Niekerk
Publishing Editor

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Career opportunites

Warehouse Manager

  • <500 000 Gauteng Logistics & Warehousing Operations, Planning & Inventory Permanent
R400 000 - R480 000 CTC per annum.Location: ...More

Supply Chain Analyst

  • <500 000 Analyst Permanent Supply Chain Western Cape
R400 000 - R500 000 per annum.Location: Cape ...More

Commodity Manager

  • <500 000 Commodities Gauteng Permanent Procurement Consultant
R650 000 - R750 000 per annumLocation: Cape ...More

Logistics Manager

  • <500 000 Gauteng Logistics & Warehousing Operations, Planning & Inventory Permanent
Salary: R 800 000 - R 900 000 ...More

Demand Planner

  • <500 000 Gauteng Operations, Planning & Inventory Permanent Projects / Category Management
Salary: R 600 000 - R 650 000 ...More

Supply Chain Analyst

  • <500 000 Analyst Gauteng Permanent Supply Chain
R600 000 - R700 000 per annum Location: ...More

Commodity Manager

  • <500 000 Commodities Gauteng Permanent Procurement Management
R850 000 - R1 000 000 per annumLocation: ...More

Commodity Manager

  • <500 000 Commodities Permanent Procurement Management Western Cape
R700 000 - R850 000 per annum,Location: Western ...More

National Supply Chain Manager

  • <500 000 Across borders Permanent Procurement Management Supply Chain
R750 000 - R1 000 000 per annum,Location: ...More

Industrial Engineer

  • <500 000 >500 000 Industrial Engineer Operations, Planning & Inventory Permanent Western Cape
R450 000- R500 000 CTC per annum,Location: Western ...More

Commodity Manager

  • <500 000 Commodities Gauteng Permanent Procurement Management
Category: Procurement,Salary: R700 000 - R800 000 per ...More

Supply Chain Manager

  • <500 000 Gauteng Permanent Procurement Management Supply Chain
Category: Consulting,Salary: R750 000 - R800 000 CTC ...More

Logistics Manager

  • <500 000 Across borders Logistics & Warehousing Permanent Procurement Management
Category: Logistics,Salary: R900 000 - R1 000 000 ...More

Demand Planner

  • <500 000 Gauteng Operations, Planning & Inventory Permanent Projects / Category Management
Area of Specialisation: Planning,Salary: R500 000 - R650 ...More

Industrial Engineer

  • <500 000 Analyst Gauteng Industrial Engineer Permanent
R800 000 - R850 000 CTC per annum.Location: ...More

Security Manager

  • <500 000 Analyst Gauteng Permanent Procurement Officer / Specialist
(Total Cost to Company R350K - R550K).This is ...More

Operations Manager

  • <500 000 Gauteng Operations, Planning & Inventory Permanent Projects / Category Management
(Total Cost to Company R650k - R750k) excluding

Commodity Manager Raw Materials

  • <500 000 Commodities Gauteng Permanent Strategic Sourcing
(Total Cost to Company R980k - R800k) excluding ...More

Commodity Manager Logistics

  • <500 000 Commodities Gauteng Logistics & Warehousing Permanent
(Total Cost to Company R1mil - R900k).Industry: Engineering

Procurement Consultant

  • <500 000 Gauteng Permanent Procurement Consultant Procurement Management
(Total Cost To Company 550K - 450K) includes ...More