What is the true cost of unethical conduct?

XavierGreyling.jpg'Procurement irregularities' has taken 3rd place on Corruption Watch SA's Corruption Report 2017 (CRW2017). Coming in at 12% of the reported types of corruption, procurement irregularities trails bribery as the most common form of reported corruption (27% of cases).

However, CRW2017 does not define 'procurement irregularities', which caused Xavier Greyling (MCIPS) to question if procurement irregularities do in fact account for only 12% of the reported cases, and, faced with the possibility of a far higher figure - what role does procurement play in what is lost to corruption every day?

Instead of wasting time, collaborate with key suppliers for continuous improvement

ElainePorteous.jpgWhy do we need to develop collaborative relationships with our key suppliers? Because we want to (a) reduce costs, (b) make process improvements, and (c) encourage innovation in products/services.

"The first two both sound quite straightforward, but to achieve innovation takes a bit more effort. We need to be open and transparent with those suppliers and focus on building trust", says Elaine Porteous in this month's SmartProcurement.

Understanding the role of Procurement will help agencies secure more client wins

JohannaMcDowell.jpgThis was the finding of Scopen Africa, whose information - obtained from the Agency Scope 2017/2018 study - indicates that 54% of advertising and media agency negotiation processes are led by marketing, while in 41% of those processes both parties (marketing and procurement) are present. The study also found that 63.7% of marketers are influenced by an agency's offering and 36.3% make their final decision based on the agency's costs, which is why procurement needs to be involved.

Procurement needs to be taken seriously by agencies, owing to its focus on selecting suppliers that are viable as well as having sustainable business models and a good track record.

When agencies are looking for business opportunities, being in direct contact with procurement will be useful, advises Johanna McDowell, Partner at Scopen Africa and CEO of The IAS (The Independent Agency Search and Selection Company).

Frenemies - making 'cents' of advertising spend

SimbarasheMsonzah.jpgThe digital marketing category has opened businesses up to new opportunities and challenges. While marketing now has the capability to reach more customers, procurement now has the numbers and visibility of the supply value chain for the marketing category. However, the digital revolution has also handed the procurement function a chance to reset historical squabbles and confrontations with colleagues in marketing.

So, what can business executives expect from these frenemies?

"Well, for one thing, they should be measuring digital advertising's return on investment (ROI) by tracking metrics that impact directly on profit and revenue", says Simbarashe Msonzah, Independent Procurement Consultant and Executive Committee Member of the CIPS Gauteng Branch.

Leadership profile: Ntokozo Zondi

NtokosoZondi_small.jpgThis month SmartProcurement profiles Ntokozo Zondi, Head: Group Procurement at Orion Engineered Carbons.

Full name: Ntokozo Zondi

Position: Head: Group Procurement

Your organisation's procurement expenditure: R750-million a year (South Africa only)

Who does P & SM report to? Global Supply Chain VP (Frankfurt, Germany, EU)

Ntokozo will be speaking at Smart Procurement World's Western Cape Conference in May 2018

Part 2 - Enabling small supplier growth in SA vs 75% of SME Credit Applications Rejected

CorneliaOlivier.jpgResearch indicates a strong link between owner-manager education, access to finance and small business growth

The growth of small businesses in South Africa is severely affected by the institutional environment in which they operate. In this series of articles, Cornelia Olivier, Head of Sourcing: Corporate Services, Absa, looks at South Africa's institutional environment.

In part 2, Olivier discusses how business growth links with education and formal credit extension to small businesses.

Beyond small supplier funding - the crucial role of skills development

KhanyaOkumu.jpgAlthough it is now common knowledge that funding small suppliers is key to igniting the engine of inclusive economic growth, the evaluation and development of relevant skills play an equally significant role in powering the economy.

It is this focus on skills development that underpins the operating principles of Old Mutual's Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

In this month's SmartProcurement, Old Mutual's SME Development Manager, Khanya Okumu, explains the financial group's premise that a small supplier run by people who possess the right skills will have a firm foundation and the potential for sustainable long-term growth.

Khanya Okumu will be at Cape Town's Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) Expo in May 2018. Join her at the Expo, and it's partner procurement conference Smart Procurement World, to great insights into ESD >>

March PMI retreats - stronger rand affecting competitiveness of local goods in international markets

PMI_down.jpgThe seasonally adjusted Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) retreated below the neutral 50-point mark in March after encouraging improvements during the first two months of 2018. The index shed 3.9 points to reach a level of 46.9 in March, off of February's 50.8 points.

Retaining procurement talent: ready for the future?

RafiqueJassiem.jpgSupply chain professionals in retail have an unprecedented opportunity to drive a profound shift in supply chain operational performance. But how will they strategically attract and foster a workforce that is ready to meet the evolving demands of future consumers, asks Rafique Jassiem, Group Procurement Manager, Oceana Group.

Simplifying the process of doing business with government

RakgadiMotseto.jpgThe challenge for emerging businesses to access government opportunities continues

Most suppliers believe that doing business with government is easy: it amounts to applying for a job that has no specified minimum requirements, where your business is merely distinguished from the rest.

In this month's SmartProcurement, Rakgadi Motseto, Chief Director: Stakeholders and Client Management Office of the Chief Procurement Officer, responds to questions practitioners commonly ask about suppliers.

Leadership Profile: Mogamad Rafique Jassiem

RafiqueJassiem.jpgThis month SmartProcurement profiles Mogamad Rafique Jassiem from the Oceana Group.

Full name: Mogamad Rafique Jassiem

Position: Executive: Group Procurement

Your organisation's procurement expenditure: Approximately R5-billion p/annum

Who does P & SM report to: The CFO, who is currently also our acting CEO

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Commodity Manager

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R700 000 - R850 000 per annum,Location: Western ...More

National Supply Chain Manager

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R750 000 - R1 000 000 per annum,Location: ...More

Industrial Engineer

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Commodity Manager

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Supply Chain Manager

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Logistics Manager

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Category: Logistics,Salary: R900 000 - R1 000 000 ...More

Demand Planner

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Area of Specialisation: Planning,Salary: R500 000 - R650 ...More

Industrial Engineer

  • <500 000 Analyst Gauteng Industrial Engineer Permanent
R800 000 - R850 000 CTC per annum.Location: ...More

Security Manager

  • <500 000 Analyst Gauteng Permanent Procurement Officer / Specialist
(Total Cost to Company R350K - R550K).This is ...More

Operations Manager

  • <500 000 Gauteng Operations, Planning & Inventory Permanent Projects / Category Management
(Total Cost to Company R650k - R750k) excluding

Commodity Manager Raw Materials

  • <500 000 Commodities Gauteng Permanent Strategic Sourcing
(Total Cost to Company R980k - R800k) excluding ...More

Commodity Manager Logistics

  • <500 000 Commodities Gauteng Logistics & Warehousing Permanent
(Total Cost to Company R1mil - R900k).Industry: Engineering

Procurement Consultant

  • <500 000 Gauteng Permanent Procurement Consultant Procurement Management
(Total Cost To Company 550K - 450K) includes ...More

Commodity Manager MRO &CAPEX

  • <500 000 Commodities Gauteng Permanent Projects / Category Management
(Total Cost To Company 900k - 750k) includes ...More

Commodity Specialist - IT Hardware and Software

  • <500 000 Commodities Gauteng Logistics & Warehousing Permanent
(Total Cost to Company R550k - R650k) including

Sourcing Specialist

  • <500 000 Gauteng Permanent Procurement Officer / Specialist Strategic Sourcing
(Total Cost to Company 500k - 650k)Experience and ...More

Supply Chain Manager

  • <500 000 Gauteng Permanent Procurement Management Supply Chain
(Total Cost to Company R850k - R1mil) includes

Senior Consultant

  • <500 000 Gauteng Permanent Procurement Consultant Strategic Sourcing
(Total Cost To Company 500k - R750k) includes ...More

I.T Procurement Specialist

  • <500 000 Gauteng Permanent Procurement Management Procurement Officer / Specialist
(Total Cost to Company R350k - R450k) includes

Logistics Manager

  • <500 000 Gauteng Logistics & Warehousing Permanent Procurement Management
(Total Cost to Company R700k - R550k) Including ...More